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#KTL are delighted to partner with the ESB delivering on the Capital Inspection Programme.

This programme involves the collection of asset and engineering data on ESB’s overhead network for all (rural and urban) LV poles and MV poles.

An important part of KTL’s role in this programme also involves identifying any necessary improvements that may be required to upgrade the overhead network.

Thomas Heeney, KTL Project Director commented,

“KTL implements a rigorous training programme for our skilled patrollers on this programme - training covers education on the latest technology including what to record and look out for."

"A two-week, one-to-one buddy coaching system follows, which brings the patrollers up to the required standards. The quality of work is one of our most important deliverables, therefore patroller quality training and approval is essential."

"Since we started patrolling last August with a crew of four, we have seen a steady growth and currently have a crew of 13 patrollers.

The achievements to-date are a result of our dedicated quality and auditing supervisor who is available to train, advise and coach when required.

Our commitment to the ESB is to deliver increased volumes of quality patrols, and we are on-track to do so effectively.”

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