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#KTL draws praise for Glasmore-Finglas project.

As home-building surges in Ireland and demand for construction connecting properties to power hits its peak, KTL has won praise for delivering Glasmore-Finglas 110kv LD for ESB in an “impressive, safe and timely fashion”.

KTL managed the safety and construction of the Cable End Mast 66, which allowed a vast overhead line network to be moved underground for a large building development.

“ESB has two main goals at the start of every project: safety - no incidents or accidents; and the work being completed to the highest standards set out in the planning process by the PSDP – David Hughes, KTL Project Manager said.

“It was a must that this project ran like clockwork as the mast had to be ready and erected early within the nine-day outage window to allow the conductors to be terminated and all connections made,” he said.

Mr Hughes said the work on this project reflected KTL's overall fast and flexible ethic and exemplified well why clients continued to return to us.

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