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Safe Use of Mobile Equipment by Annmarie McPhillips, KTL Head of SHEQ Power.

Important questions to consider from the outset:

  • Do you have the right equipment?

  • Are there any hazards to be avoid?

  • Is the ground area strong enough to support the equipment?

  • Are there any unusual weather conditions?

  • Is the area clear of people?

  • Did you do your pre-operational inspection?

Tips and precautionary measures for the safe use of mobile equipment

  1. OPERATIONAL PRECAUTIONS. Follow the three-point rule when climbing up, down, on, and off of any piece of mobile equipment.

  2. EQUIPMENT BLIND SPOTS. Never operate your machine until you know that no person or obstruction is nearby.

  3. HYDRAULIC PRESSURE. Be aware of hydraulic leaks and the pressure behind them.

  4. PARKING & SHUT DOWN. Always park away from hazards and follow shut down (idle down) procedures according to the operator’s manual.

  5. HAZARD AREAS. No person should ever stand under an elevated lifting system at any time. Never elevate a person using the forks or bucket as a platform.

  6. AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL. Only authorised and trained personnel may operate powered industrial trucks.

#1 Rule


Safety is for Life!

COMMITTED to Right First Time!

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