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'A problem shared is a problem halved'. This is a proverb that we can all relate to, it means that if you are having difficulties in life, it is easier to deal with them if you talk to someone about the issue.

The majority of people will face challenges in their life be it bereavement, loss of job, financial issues, anxiety, depression, stress and many more.

Each person’s struggle is unique to them, and many can cope and move through these tough times themselves, or with the support of friends and family.

For others, the challenges may become overwhelming, and they find it hard to manage everyday life.

A person might feel ashamed or helpless and may not want to talk to family or friends, so they carry the burden alone.

Talking through a challenge can help relieve some of the burden – this could be a conversation with a friend or colleague.

It could help greatly and is a good place to start.

Others may prefer to talk to someone that they don’t know and will be impartial.

If you feel you need support, please use KTLs employee assistance program, it is completely confidential.

For Ireland go to and for the UK go to

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