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#KTL held a communication and training day in the UK office recently for telecoms field teams and site supervisors to provide them with up-to-date training, and best practices.

Dom Mackinnon, KTL Technical Manager said, “This was an excellent opportunity to engage with the team to deliver updates, training and best practices across a range of pertinent topics.

We also facilitated training with product experts RFS and Senko Advanced Components.”

Dom ran a session covering I&C requirements, building to design, tooling, impact scenario training, weather proofing requirements, interference issues, installation techniques and upcoming changes on the horizon including Open RAN.

Dave Hutchings RFS, delivered a practical workshop demonstrating the best approaches, tips, and tricks for cutting, preparation and termination of all sized RFS feeder cables.

Martyn Loak and Tony Croxford, Senko Advanced Components - experts in fibre connectivity in the field delivered component cleaning and inspection training.

Thank you to everyone who attended.

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