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On day three of #CIFSafety21 ‘Work Safe at Height’, Gravity Kills for Construction Safety week, KTL would like to emphasise how safety at height is paramount in the workplace.

In 2020/21, 35 fatal injuries were due to falls from a height accounting for 25% of all worker deaths over the year source.

The main hazards of work at height are:

• Person(s) falling e.g. Whilst unloading/loading a vehicle with no edge protection.

• Person(s) falling into an excavation hole at ground level

• Person(s) falling from antenna masts

• Falling object(s) injuring people or damaging property below.

• Falls from collapsing structures, e.g. Fragile roofs.

Safety Requirements

• Avoid or eliminate risk.

• Carry out risk assessment prior to work.

• Apply controls applied in priority order.

• Monitor and review controls.

• Ensure emergency arrangements are in place.

• Implement maintenance procedures.

• Provide information and training.

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