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In 2020, KTL implemented a Safety Observation process to replace the commonly referred to Near Miss reporting process.

KTL has not defined what is safe vs. what is not safe. The intent is to provide a quick and easy means of raising issues.

All issues raised are shared with KTL back-office resources who review, action, track and trend the information reported.

Duncan Mackintosh SHEQ Director KTL said, “Prior to this change in terminology, KTL were receiving only 10’s of near misses each month.

Now KTL receives 100’s of safety observations reports. This year alone, across the business we have had 2647 safety observations reported.

This increase in reporting has allowed KTL to plan better and report site issues to the client or site provider.

Ultimately the reporting supports to make site conditions safer for those in the field.”

“This information has led to identifying the most common issues working on telecommunication sites, which are a) how safely the team gain access to the site

b) how they safely leave the site

This knowledge has heightened the KTL team’s awareness across both these two areas in order to improve site safety standards.”

Anthony Heys SHEQ Advisor said, “Safety Observation reporting is about increasing engagement for those on-site. It is to ensure works being planned and carried out take into consideration the issues reported. A Safety Observation leaflet has been developed for KTL on-site teams to ‘see, scan and report’ issues quickly and easily.”

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