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#KTL delivers to target on #BT/#EE vendor swap programme and technology upgrades.

In November 2020, the UK government placed a ban on the installation of new Huawei equipment in 5G networks and laid out a roadmap for removing all telecommunications equipment made by "high risk" vendors, including Huawei by 2027.

As of September 2021, UK operators were and still are no longer able to install Huawei equipment.

KTL has partnered with BT, one of the biggest communications service companies in the world and operator of the EE network, to provide a full #end-to-end telecommunications service covering the #design, #acquisition, #installation, and #commissioning to:

  • Swap out high-risk equipment with alternative non-high-risk vendors within the timescales set out by the government.

  • Maintain and advance EE’s status as the UK’s best mobile network for its customers - rolling out the latest 5G technology and upgrading its existing 4G network to increase capacity and help EE keep its competitive position in the market.

“KTL has established a reliable track record for delivering high monthly site volumes whilst minimising network impact wherever possible,” said Nicholas Hinitt, BT Vendor Swap Project Consultant.

“We finished the year [2021] very strong and hit most targets in what was a very challenging and exciting year. We can only do this and continue to be the UK’s best Network with partners like KTL,” said James Hope, BT Director of Mobile Radio Access Networks.

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