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We are delighted to share #August’s edition of #KTL’s Technical Insights Blog where KTL’s Technical Lead, Dom Mackinnon shares the latest on #5G.

“Since the initial 5G spectrum auctions in 2018, there has been a further sale of spectrum in the 700MHz and the 3400-3600MHz range. This means that the deployment of new radios, to cover those spectrums is now underway,” said Mackinnon.

“As 5G technology progresses, the radio equipment is diversifying and the use of 5G Standalone (SA) will become more prevalent.

5G SA allows operators to build ‘in-fill’ sites without the need to build the 2G, 3G, and 4G services in tandem.”

“Until very recently, the rollout of all 5G sites have been the NSA (Non-Standalone) type builds, meaning a 4G site must be in place also acting as the control plane.

To enable ‘proper’ 5G, the latency needs to be optimal, and this will only work with SA implementation.”

“Once 5G SA is implemented, operators will be able to leverage this technology to enable more features and increase sales of things such as IoT services.”

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