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Killian Flynn, a KTL Engineering intern shows huge potential.

Killian Flynn is currently in his third year of an Electrical and Electronics Degree course at TU Dublin and is undertaking a six-month Engineering Internship at KTL.

He is currently working with the Engineering Transmission team. With extensive support and help from the team, his role involves designing microwave links to the highest industry standards.

Killian contributes to the process of site selection and design, documents support while also working with the implementation team to ensure an effective network rollout.

Killian has organised an impressive drone event taking place on the 7th of May, he said “It has taken a year to get this event off the ground. Team Crash Animals have been a huge support for this event and will help run it.

We’ve also received incredible sponsorship from Manna Aero – they are the largest drone delivery company in Ireland. The event competition involves wearing FPV goggles, which gives a first-person view of the drone which can fly at high speed through a track – the drone that comes in at the fastest time wins!”

“KTL has been very welcoming. I am looking forward to the remainder of my time at KTL developing my professional and personal skills in a supportive environment,” said Flynn.

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