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Gauri Mane, #KTL Design Engineer celebrating India Independence Day.

India is home to over 100 languages, 700 different tribes and every major religion in the world.

Given this immense diversity, people have proudly lived in a vibrant democracy for over 75 years since its independence in 1947.

The nation celebrates their Independence Day annually on August 15.

It marks when India was declared independent from British colonialism, and the leaders of the country took over the reins of control.

We had a short session with Gauri Mane, KTL Design Engineer, about this special day.

Gauri will be wearing a white dress on the day to represent the Indian flag with orange and green details on it.

A flag hoisting ceremony is a typical Independence Day celebration and Gauri will be visiting a school to witness this symbolic gesture.

The day is marked by singing the national anthem and traditional songs with a gesture of sharing sweets.

Feeling lucky to be part of the KTL family, Gauri enjoys “everything about KTL” with understanding and supportive colleagues being what she admires most.

Here’s her answers when asked about the three things about India Independence Day that most people wouldn’t know:

1. “India’s Independence struggle was led by Mahatma Gandhi, who was a pioneer of the Non-Violence movement. His method was revolutionary at that time. His principles are still an inspiration for peaceful demonstrations throughout the world.”

2. “India’s Independence inspired many countries in the commonwealth for a peaceful negotiation for Independence.”

3. “After Independence, India became the world’s largest democracy-led nation.”

KTL wishes Gauri and all Indians celebrating a great Independence Day celebration!

Enjoy a tribute to an Indian musical shared by Gauri.

She is featured at time code 01:02 (left) onwards on this video:

For more information, go to:

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