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There is 40 days to go in the #KTL 50 days of exercise challenge!

Sinead Larkin, HR Manager KTL had this to say, “Day 10 of the KTL 50 Days of Walking Challenge - we have been surprisingly lucky with the weather and have managed to avoid the rain on our daily walks!”

She shared a couple of gorgeous photos of her dog Lola 😊

Matthew Lee, Build Manager KTL said, “I'd set myself a personal challenge for January 2023 inspired by KTL's 60 day challenge in 2022 to walk or jog for 5k every day! I set this challenge to get out more and get some sort of exercise, as I’d found myself sat at my desk all day and piling on the pounds.

It prompted me to go out in the morning, at lunch or after work to complete my goal.

The KTL 50-Day Exercise Challenge started just before mine was ending so it had allowed me to continue what I had already started. I'm hoping that come March 16th, it will just be a regular habit.

Also, my companions Jack and Busby (featured in photos) are loving the extra walks.”

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