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We’re delighted to publish #July’s edition of #KTL’s Technical Insights Blog – keeping track in telecoms.

Telecoms is a fast-moving industry. There’re a lot of developments, lots of quick turnarounds, a lot of balls in the air – the fact is, there are many opportunities for those balls to end up on the ground.

KTL’s fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) process, which operates field and back-office works under one platform play a big part in ensuring nothing is overlooked. It ensures that both the program management, as well as individual project management, is strong with the use of real-time analytics and data collection.

“We’re in telecoms - we know how essential communication is!” KTL Ireland Telecom Project Director Declan Maddy laughs.

“Our aim is the lowest cost, the highest quality, and the fastest time for our customers, and we do that by constantly looking at our processes, how we communicate and how we can improve that, all encompassed in a Right-First-Time approach,” commented Declan.

“It’s a well-oiled machine, and because of the experience behind us, everyone really understands their role and what needs to be done to keep things running smoothly,” says David Kennedy KTL UK Telecom Project Director.

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