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Adnan Hanif, #KTL is leading a principal telecommunications project and would like to acknowledge the continued, outstanding job of the whole team.

The client has expressly appreciated the superb team efforts, excellent communication, and close collaboration, they said:

  • “Great job across all KPIs - well done.”

  • “Amidst the issues, KTL completed seven out of seven buy-ins RFT (right first time). A great achievement.”

  • “Continued great work from the team, thanks loads, it is much appreciated.”

  • “I would like to pass on my thanks to your team on site on the day. They were very helpful and accommodating, briefing me on arrival, signing in and ensuring we had the appropriate PPE etc.”

  • “Please pass on my congratulations to your internal team that are dealing with CPPs and HOPs as the quality of both seen was outstanding.”

Key wins on the project recently:

  • 1. 100% delivery success rate in multiple months across various work streams

  • 2. 17 x sites reported as RFT this year

  • 3. Highest numbers delivered on T&A strategic sites for year to date

Featured in photo (Tags): Adnan Hanif, Andrei Dodan, Muhammad Adil, Hasan Nawaz, Aliya Ahmed, Marcel Oprea, Sean Coleman, Zahir Abbas, Mihai Sandu

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