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KTL Sponsors St. Brigid’s Hurling Club Under 13’s team in Dalystown, Westmeath

Paddy Brogan, Operations Manager KTL Ireland, is in charge as the club PRO and coach for the Under 13 hurling team. He said, “KTL’s donation is a major boost to the club. KTL’s tagline of #ConnectingCommunities is never more apt in this case. This donation allows the team to wear the club colours with pride and give them a rich sense of belonging; be it at matches or during training sessions. The team will be carrying the club’s colours back into their communities and schools.”

The St Brigid’s Hurling Club (SBHC) was established in 1954. It united all the young men of the area at that time for the purpose of fielding an adult hurling team. The club affiliated at Junior and Minor level in 1957. With hard work, it won the Junior championship and earned league titles in 1964. A year later in 1965, the club turned senior and celebrated its glory upon winning Senior titles in 1968 and three in a row 1970, 1971 and 1972.

Except for a Senior “B” title in 1979, successes on the field of play were few and far between. The club was regraded in 1994 to a newly reformed Intermediate. In 1995, St Brigid’s claimed the Intermediate Championship, which was won again in 2000. Hopes of a breakthrough to Senior level is still in high hopes.

Brogan shared, “Due to the club’s location outside of the hurling stronghold of North Westmeath the club has struggled to attract and retain underage teams at every level. This has become more challenging in recent years with the large variety of other sports and activities on offer to children in the surrounding areas. Also, the club has never owned its own pitch or grounds and has been renting space in a local football ground in the vicinity for their matches and training.”

When asked about future plans for the 65-year-old club, Brogan said “The current committee sees owning a ground to call their own as the major driver for the future success and viability of the club. A development committee has recently been formed in the view of exploring opportunities.”


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