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KTL Plays Vital Part in Three’s 5G Rollout

KTL facilitates the roll out of Three Ireland’s 5G network providing survey, design, build and handover of 50% of Three’s live sites.

On 28th September 2020, Three Ireland turned on its 5G network for the first time, with nationwide coverage of approximately 35% made possible through the enablement of 315 sites.

KTL has had an excellent relationship with Three since its inception and had a major part to play in this exciting development – providing survey, design, build and handover of 50% of Three’s live sites.

As with all other network operators, Three has recently witnessed the heavy demands on the consumption of bandwidth capacity with even greater pressure added due to COVID-19 with the increase in remote working across the country. As a result, KTL have been involved in the emergency upgrade of Three’s 4G sites nationwide.

The new 5G network will provide for enhanced bandwidth and speeds 10 times faster than 4G speeds. Where fibre backhaul is not yet in place, KTL provided over 90% of Microwave Link I&C required to upgrade backhaul capacity. This is critical for Three’s 5G network to deliver on promised bandwidth to its customer base.

KTL’s involvement in this exciting project included programme and project management, civils, construction, field engineering, logistics and warehousing services.

“The venture, although challenging due to COVID -19 restrictions, with a particular focus on Staff welfare, has been hugely satisfying for KTL knowing the benefits it will bring to Threes customers” said Declan Maddy, Project Director, KTL.

5G technology will not only enhance the user experience, it will soon facilitate developments such as smart cities and autonomous transport.

The rollout will progress, with KTL’s involvement, over the next three years and coverage is set to expand by 50% nationwide with upgrades to existing and development of new sites to the total of 800 sites by the end of 2021.

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