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KTL offers a reliable connectivity fix for remote working challenges

Working from home is unquestionably a new norm. If the last two years have taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected and prepare to be flexible, and remote working allows businesses to do exactly that.

However, that’s not to say the freshly minted WFH doesn’t have its own challenges.

Businesses need teams to access network-based applications effectively, which means guaranteeing enough capacity so services running from an office, or the Cloud can handle the increased level of traffic.

There are other potential problems. Customers might not be able to manage their network remotely and could also face infrastructure challenges. In many cases, businesses need reliable infrastructure to help ensure security for data traffic, such as customer bank details, or debit/credit card transactions.

The fact is, network availability and connectivity is only becoming more critical for secure business growth across the commercial sector, and in many cases the 30-90 (or more!) days that it can take for a fibre connection to be installed is downtime that businesses simply can’t afford.

And it is here that corporate data services, comes into its own.

With more than 25 years’ experience in microwave transmission technology, and as the UK and Ireland’s sole provider in full turnkey enterprise services, KTL’s ability to provide rapid implementation of corporate data services is underlining our unique value to mobile network operators.

Corporate data services compete with fibre on every level: it offers high-speed (from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps), business-grade internet connections with uncontended bandwidth and low latency. In terms of cost and speed-of-installation, it provides an ideal solution for MNO’s commercial customers needing increased capacity quickly and affordably.

Using rooftop antennae to provide a point-to-point connection to the network, it means there is no need to dig up a road to supply cable. Instead, an antenna is lined up with others in the area so a connection can be directed to the building.

A connection can go live in a matter of days provided an office/location has a clear line of sight to the connection route and by doing necessary initial checks, appropriate surveys, agreements with property management, link and frequency planning, hardware allocation, network management and provisioning, government licensing, installing, and testing.

Contrary to popular belief, connectivity doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing solution. Wireless works comfortably alongside existing fibre connections, providing network resilience and increased overall network availability having options is the best way to protect yourself.

A wireless connection gives businesses the opportunity to increase bandwidth or use it as a failsafe for when there is increased demand on the fibre network.

For operators, KTL’s expertise in this area is a real boost as it takes the leg work out of finding connectivity solutions. Our knowledge of technology, on-the-ground skills and a focus on technical and process innovation enables KTL to provide a seamless, proactive service that allows operators to focus exclusively on their enterprise customers.

To find out more, contact us today.


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