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KTL – keeping track in telecoms

Telecoms is a fast-moving industry. There’re a lot of developments, lots of quick turnarounds, a lot of balls in the air – the fact is, there are many opportunities for those balls to end up on the ground.

With more than two decades of experience, KTL has seen how a poorly managed project can derail and become a far more costly and time-consuming exercise than it ever needed to be.

KTL’s fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) process, which operates field and back-office works under one platform play a big part in ensuring nothing is overlooked. It ensures that both the program management, as well as individual project management, is strong with the use of real-time analytics and data collection.

“We’re in telecoms - we know how essential communication is!” KTL Ireland Telecom Project Director Declan Maddy laughs.

“If one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing, activities get duplicated, completed incorrectly or in extreme cases not done at all. And we’re not just talking about big things - mismanaging the small things adds up. Our aim is the lowest cost, the highest quality, and the fastest time for our customers, and we do that by constantly looking at our processes, how we communicate and how we can improve that, all encompassed in a Right-First-Time approach”

While program management involves mapping out the list of dependent projects needed to reach an overall goal, project management involves managing the operations of an individual project within a program. It mainly focuses on the operational elements of the project such as meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and completing deliverables.

“It’s a well-oiled machine, and because of the experience behind us, everyone really understands their role and what needs to be done to keep things running smoothly,” says David Kennedy, KTL UK Telecom Project Consultant.

As well as having the right structures, having the right people is critical.

“A mix of technical expertise and a positive can-do attitude is essential. In addition to normal business-as-usual work, all operators are experiencing supply chain interruptions at some level currently and having a program and project management team that can react quickly to slow-downs and ramp-ups is key,” David says.

With ongoing developments in telecoms, that level of adaptability has never been so crucial for companies working across the industry. From 5G rollouts to vendor swap projects, along with a dramatic increase in remote working that is driving requirements for street works and small cell solutions, the ability to innovate to find fast and full-proof solutions is a must.

“Luckily, we have a diverse team behind us at KTL and agility across fibre, 4G and 5G acquisition, design and build, transmission, construction projects, warehouse and logistics and managed services, so we still deliver as our clients expect.”

To find out more about KTL, contact us today.


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