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KTL engages students at St. Ambrose High School Careers Fair, Scotland

St. Ambrose High School in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland was busy with enthusiastic students last week wishing to learn about possible future career paths at their recent careers fair. KTL had the privilege of participating with a booth manned by representatives Paul Korzeniewski, a formal alumnus of the school, alongside Ava Kerr.

Paul commented, “It was an excellent opportunity to talk to pupils and their parents about careers in telecoms, the vast array of roles and routes to achieve them, whether that be via CNFE apprenticeship, college, or university.”

Through various conversations it became apparent to Paul and Ava that there was a notable lack of awareness and knowledge surrounding the dynamic careers the telecoms industry has to offer. The participation of KTL at this event will hopefully help shift perceptions and increase understanding.

Paul, passionate about KTL's sustainable practices, explained, "We need to focus on growing the next generation of professionals in this industry. Engaging with local communities to support and help guide these bright youngsters to great career opportunities."

Ava, highlighting her experience, added, "It was enjoyable to share my positive, first-hand experience and the potential paths students could explore."

KTL are committed to making a positive difference in the communities where we work. We would like to thank Mr. Kennedy and St Ambrose High School for inviting the team to take part in this great initiative and we look forward to assisting more in the future.

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