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KTL delivers a full turnkey solution for Three Ireland Business

Three Ireland has partnered with KTL to deliver a full turnkey solution for the entire lifecycle of its wireless lease lines.

Three Ireland’s wireless leased lines use licensed carrier-grade microwave technology to provide high-speed, high-capacity connections and deliver a wide range of voice and data services, with scalable bandwidth for business customers.

Three is Ireland’s largest mobile telecommunications provider with 37.5% market share, 99% 3G and 4G nationwide coverage, and business options. They have a 79% - 5G population coverage across Ireland.

Ioannis Arvanitakis, KTL’s Project Director said, “For this project, KTL is involved from the early pre-sale stage reviewing Three Ireland’s Business customer’s location and providing optimal routing back to the Three Core. At the implementation stage, KTL will survey, design, license, install and test the microwave link and fully manage the customer interaction for Three Ireland. After the service is handed over to the Three technical service team, KTL provides second and third level technical in-life support for troubleshooting and fixing faults.”

“KTL provides a highly experienced single point of contact to Three Ireland that links everyone together making it a seamless experience for Three Ireland Business customers,” said Arvanitakis.

KTL’s 25 years’ technical expertise in microwave transmission links coupled with its best-in-class project management and planning functions is the backbone of supporting Three Ireland’s business customers.

Lynda Somers, Project Manager KTL, said, “The project itself is intense, even so, I am learning loads. It helps that everyone from the KTL side and the Three Ireland side, are very helpful and always available to answer any queries that may arise, which makes it enjoyable.

“The interactions and relationships I have with Three Ireland business customers and with people on-site are great - it is dynamic and interesting role.”

Donal Kelly, Three Ireland’s Business Implementation Manager said, “Lynda Somers manages the WLL solutions for our Business customers at Three Ireland. Lynda has integrated extremely well with the Three Business implementation team. She is proactive, responsive and lives our core value of focusing on our customers and going beyond the expected to ensure our customers have the best possible experience during the delivery of their service.”

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