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KTL adds BYD Seal electric vehicles to its growing EV fleet

There were two new BYD Seals added to KTL’s electric vehicle fleet recently. Donal Gray, Plant Manager at KTL commented, "The BYD Seal electric vehicle has impressive EV technology offering exceptional range, performance, and safety, making it a perfect fit for KTL’s growing EV fleet."

The BYD Seal has an impressive range of up to 570 kilometers per single charge, significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimising KTL's carbon footprint. This extended range ensures that KTL's team can travel further without worrying about range anxiety, allowing them to operate more efficiently and productively.

Safety remains the top priority and the BYD Seal delivers on that promise. The Seal provides peace of mind for drivers and passengers, equipped with advanced driver-assistance features and a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

The addition of BYD Seals aligns with KTL's core values, particularly its commitment to safety, innovation, and environmental responsibility. This move is not just about acquiring new vehicles; it's about sending a clear message: KTL is driving forward with sustainable practices, actively investing in solutions that benefit both the environment and its employees.

Mr. Gray concludes, "We're thrilled to welcome the BYD Seals to our fleet. This is just one step in our ongoing efforts to a more sustainable future, and we're committed to continuous improvement in the years to come."

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