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Edgar Peneda Receives KTL Values Award

At KTL, our mission is to grow a sustainable business in the telecommunications and power sectors providing reliable engineering services for our clients while prioritising the health and safety of our employees.

Our vision is to be recognised as the most reliable partner in this industry. Recently, we were proud to recognise one of our outstanding partners, Edgar Peneda, who exemplifies these values in his daily work.

Edgar's Journey with KTL

Edgar Peneda began working with KTL in January 2015. Over the years, he has shown great dedication and commitment to his role. Edgar is currently overseeing site operations and leading his team to ensure successful project completions.

Receiving the KTL Values Award

Edgar was recently honoured with the KTL Values Award for Customer Objectives. This recognition is a testament to his hard work and dedication. “I am incredibly proud and honoured to pick up this KTL Values Award,” said Edgar. “This recognition is a testament to the crew's hard work, dedication, and commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for everyone on site.”

Exemplary Initiative and Positive Feedback

Edgar and his team recently received a positive audit review from Vodafone, highlighting their exemplary management of complex site activities. The auditor noted, "A very well-managed site with complex activities and various suppliers involved. The PICW showed great awareness of his H&S responsibilities and managed a 3rd Party with due consideration i.e., inducting them onto the CPHSP and checking their abilities." This feedback underlines the team's ability to work effectively under challenging conditions, coordinating seamlessly with multiple on-site parties.

Impact on the Team

Edgar believes this recognition highlights the importance and efficiency of teamwork on site.

“We will continue prioritising Health & Safety in all our activities, maintaining the high standards that have earned us this honour. Together, we can ensure that our workplace remains a safe and supportive environment for everyone,” he shared.

KTL Values and Company Culture

KTL's core values—Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, Customer Objectives, Innovation, People, and Diversity—play a crucial role in shaping our company culture. Edgar emphasises the importance of these values in creating a thriving, dynamic, and successful organisation. “KTL values help the company to be reliable and a trusted business to fulfil customer commitments. I help support KTL to guarantee delivery while always respecting the Health and Safety values,” Edgar added. He lives by the motto, “Never give up, never fail.”

Edgar Peneda’s receipt of the KTL Values Award for Customer Objectives reflects not only his achievements but also the collective spirit and dedication of the entire KTL team. We congratulate Edgar on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to seeing him continue to lead by example.

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