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Pawel Ambroziak

Design Solution Engineer
“Work in KTL gave me a lot of
opportunities to learn and grow”.

What does your role involve?

As Design Solution Engineer I am responsible for controlling the whole process of site design. It starts with preparing the team for site surveys to handover of completed site design documentation to the build team.


How has your role evolved while at KTL and what opportunities has it brought?

I started in KTL as a third man in a rigging team. I then became a rigging team leader, RBS and Tx commissioner, project tech lead and then I joined the design team as a site surveyor up to my current position. Working in KTL has given me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. It also gave me the opportunity to see almost all parts of Ireland, which was amazing.


Could you describe your journey with KTL?

I have a lot of good memories while working for KTL. I have met a lot of nice people - made a lot of friends and work with lovely colleagues. I am having a great time working here and have had many unforgettable moments during my time.


Where do you see yourself in the future?

At the moment I am focused on what I am doing now, and I am not looking too far into the future, but I am sure new opportunities will appear.

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