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Leon Chevallier

Electrical Designer at KTL
“The flexible home working environment has been a game-changer for me, allowing a better work-life balance.”

When did you join KTL?

I joined KTL in February 2024.

What are your roles and responsibilities?

I am an electrical designer for the telecoms industry, designing AC and DC electrical supplies for mobile phone base stations.

What do you enjoy most about working at KTL?

The flexible home working environment has been a game-changer for me, allowing a better work-life balance. There’s even an option to work abroad for a month each year, which I’m considering. The team is great too; while I don’t interact with everyone all the time, when our paths do cross, they are all easy to work with.

What makes KTL different, and sets it apart from other companies you’ve worked for?

Since joining KTL, I’ve received excellent support while learning my role. I also appreciate the autonomy given to me to get the job done without micromanagement. This approach has led to increased productivity and focus on my work.

How do you like to enjoy your time outside of work? I’ve heard you’ve some great hobbies, could you tell us about them?

As a former professional Thai boxer and British champion, I now spend less time training due to age but dedicate much of my free time to coaching others, from beginners to world champions. On weekends, you’ll often find me cornering at shows around the UK and helping fighters achieve their goals.


I also love to travel and have adventures! I’ve traveled to every continent except Antarctica, and I’m regularly on the lookout for new challenges. Last year, I canoed the length of Lake Windermere, and this year, I plan to canoe the length of the Wye River. I just returned from seeing the Komodo Dragons on Flores Island. My future goals include summiting Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895 meters next year and canoeing the Danube River, which is 1,770 miles long, in 2025.

For more information about careers at KTL, visit KTL Careers.

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