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Emily Gallen

Project Coordinator, KTL
“I enjoy working with people with such a wealth of knowledge”.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Emily Gallen. I am a third year Business and Management student at Maynooth University. I joined KTL in June of 2021 for my penultimate year of study.

What does your placement role involve?

My role in KTL is Project Coordinator. I deal with health and safety, side access and information flow.

Could you describe your journey with KTL?

Since beginning with KTL I've been really driven to improve my management skills. So the Project Coordinator role has been absolutely perfect fit. I get to see all the different angles of the Project Team and how everyone contributes to the final results. So it's been a really eye opening experience for me.

How would you describe the KTL culture?

I would describe the KTL culture as welcoming and supportive. There's no questions that are left unanswered. Going into a large company like KTL, you could feel a little bit of a shock but everybody is so welcoming.

What do you enjoy most about working for KTL?

I enjoy working with people with such a wealth of knowledge. People who are here working in KTL have been working in this telecommunications and power industry for years and they have a serious amount of knowledge, so just, learning from them has been the best bit.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In terms of the future, I am going to finish my undergraduate degree in Maynooth University. And then I'm hoping to continue my management career with a masters.

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