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Eimear Smyth

KTL Project Coordinator

Tell us about yourself?

I’m 23 years old and come from Tallanstown, Co. Louth. I completed my degree in Business with French majoring in Risk Management and Insurance at University of Limerick.

When did you join KTL?

After completing my degree, I travelled to San Diego for a few months. When I returned, I joined KTL as a Project Coordinator. Sue O’Shea took me under her wing for my initial induction and training. Sue and her team were so welcoming, approachable, and encouraging – they really helped me to adjust and learn about KTL and my role while integrating into the business.

Could you describe your journey with KTL?

My role evolved in mid-October when I became part of KTL’s work on electric vehicle charging solutions for our client. I am encouraged to contribute my ideas throughout each stage of the operation. The work I’m doing compliments my studies on EV’s in college too.

How would you describe the KTL culture?

KTL actively encourage staff who work remotely to engage with each other and to participate in exercise challenges and home workouts, which keeps me motivated. KTL have plenty of opportunities to meet face-to-face for meetings and there are social occasions too, such as the recent Christmas party!

What do you enjoy most about working at KTL?

I was offered a permanent contract in November, and I am excited to see what my future with KTL brings. The company offer a lot of potential to travel. I am ambitious to work my way through the ranks and hopefully become a project manager.

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