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Dragos Dumitrescu

Business Unit Manager
“I like to think of KTL as my extended family”.

What is your background?

I come from a city called Craiova in Romania. My first contact with KTL was in 2012, when I worked for a KTL subcontractor. In 2015, I got another job with Huawei Romania. I came back to Ireland working directly for KTL in 2018, as a PICW.


How has your role evolved while at KTL?

Towards the end of my first year with KTL, an opportunity arose, and I was asked to work on a 3D site design project. This proved to be a rich experience for me. Following this, I then moved on to site designs for an Irish operator. KTL then needed me to act as a Build Project Manager, which I believe I have done honourably, until I was brought back on to a recent Irish Operator design project.


How would you describe the KTL culture?

I like to think of KTL as my extended family, even though at the moment we are no longer together because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I can honestly say that I could ask for no more understanding than I have already received in the company from the management team.


What do you most enjoy about working with KTL?

I have mostly liked it when we could all work together and pull together to get things done.

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