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Cristian Bogdan

Project Manager
“We all come to work for the same purpose every day, and I feel we are really ‘one team’.”

What brought you into this industry?

I’ve always been a technical person, so that was pretty much how my career was always going to go. I’ve worked for several telecommunications companies in several countries, starting in Romania where I was born, but it was going to work for KTL in Ireland that changed my life.


How did you end up with KTL?

I began working for the company as a contractor, but when I began working for another organisation in Ireland in 2012, KTL asked me to interview for a role directly with the company. The rest is history.


What role did you start out with, and how has that evolved?

I joined KTL as an MW commissioner, and after few years was promoted to a network operations centre engineer. I’ve been given options for career advancement, and looking back, I don’t think I could have learnt more, or grown more with any other company.


What have been the highlights of your journey with KTL?

I’ve been respected, and my skills have been respected and appreciated, since day one.  I am probably one of the best examples of how KTL is fair with everybody. I generally forget that I’m not from Ireland and I identify myself with all the people around me. We all come to work for the same purpose every day, and I feel we are really ‘one team’. I have friends of all nationalities at KTL, and the company policy truly supports inclusivity and diversity.

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