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KTL Ltd. is committed to continual improvement with regards to its environmental performance and to the overall prevention of pollution. We will undertake work while also considering how to minimize effects on local inhabitants, and both the surrounding and global environment.

KTL is committed to avoiding material damage. The different areas of KTL’s activities have been addressed as part of an environmental review.


We have identified applicable environmental legislation and other requirements and created and documented an action plan to identify environmental objectives and targets to achieve these objectives. We have implemented a means of tracking changes and revisions to such requirements.


KTL have appointed an Energy Champion, who will monitor performance, communicate to the KTL Board on performance and to employees on initiatives for continuous improvement. It is our policy to:

  • Minimise waste material and prevent accidental pollution and physical damage of habitats while building infrastructure.

  • Manage waste packaging and engineering materials in a responsible manner.

  • Use only authorised suppliers for recycling and disposal of waste materials.

  • Operate and select efficient and quiet plant that reduces energy/fuel consumption and that have minimal

        environmental impact.

KTL will accomplish this high standard of performance through a strong environmental management system integrated within our business planning and decision making processes and by setting and tracking measurable goals and objectives. We continuously review client proposals and consult stakeholders with regards to finding environmentally acceptable solutions.

Additionally, each employee has an individual responsibility to follow all environmental procedures and participate proactively in our programs and inspections. It is our policy to train employees with regards to environmental codes and practices.

We will work in partnership with suppliers, customers and government agencies to help protect and improve the environment. KTL will foster openness and communication with all its key stakeholders in order to anticipate important environmental concerns, share relevant information, contribute to development of sound solutions, and respond in a constructive and timely manner.

We will focus on sustainable development and protect both our staff and the environment in which we work.


This policy is communicated and re-communicated to all employees on a regular basis to ensure it is always taken into consideration. It is reviewed during the annual Management Review to ensure that it remains appropriate, relevant and applicable.


SIGNED DATE: 12th April 2017

Peter Dwyer

Director of Operations

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