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Ava Kerr

KTL Junior Project Manager
“KTL really values fresh perspectives from young people and graduates like me, which is fantastic to see.”

It wasn't long ago that I became part of the KTL team! I joined in September of 2023, fresh out of the University of Strathclyde with a master’s degree in project management and innovation.


As a Junior Project Manager, I support our senior team members in planning, executing, and monitoring projects. My focus is ensuring everything runs smoothly, stays within budget, to deliver top-quality results on time for our clients. Communication is a big part of the job – I act as a liaison between clients and suppliers, ensuring that everyone's on the same page and working towards the best outcome.


I am also a member of the business development team, which adds another unique aspect to my work. Through networking events and industry gatherings, this involves maintaining and building relationships (both new and existing) and conducting research on market trends and business opportunities.


What do I love about KTL?

Both the job and the company have a lot to offer! My favorite part of the job is the constant learning curve. Every day brings new knowledge about telecommunications and related industries. This is especially exciting considering my background in business – there was no prior technical or engineering experience. It's a fantastic environment to grow professionally, and my colleagues and managers are incredibly supportive. They actively create opportunities for learning and knowledge transfer.

What makes KTL different?

The company's culture, hands down! As a new graduate, you hear horror stories about the "big bad corporate world." But at KTL, my experience has been completely different – welcoming and refreshing. Coming from a retail background with a clear divide between management and employees, KTL's collaborative environment is a breath of fresh air. KTL are focused on mutual success, and it's evident they invest in developing not just the company, but also their employees.


I was encouraged to share my goals and explore additional certifications and courses that would help me excel in my role and grow my career right from the start. KTL really values fresh perspectives from young people and graduates like me, which is fantastic to see.

Life outside of work

When I'm not tackling projects, I love to travel! Whether it's exploring new countries or staying closer to home in the UK, I try to get away as often as possible. My most recent adventure was an amazing trip around the North Coast 500 in Scotland. My friends and I explored the breathtaking Scottish Highlands and Islands. We were lucky with the weather, so we spent most of our time hiking and soaking up the scenery!

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