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SHEQ Manager

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General Manager Power Division


Power Utilities


Nationwide in UK

Job Scope

The role of SHEQ Manager is to lead the organisation and its employees in creating a safe and positive working environment. To do this the SHEQ Manager must support the project team towards best practice above the minimum industry standard while ensuring the organisation is following its legal, moral and financial obligations while remaining compliant on all occasions, so far as reasonably practical.


The SHEQ Manager is responsible for supporting the Directors, Organisation, the board and the organisations Employees by ensuring that;

  • The organisation follows in the correct order it’s Moral, Legal and Financial obligations

  • A SHEQ management system is maintained and changes implemented in accordance with compliance and conformance requirements of applicable legislation, ISO and SSIP systems

  • Appropriate competency and training requirements are detailed to support the organisations operational functions

  • The organisation audit schedule is managed, and adequate data is collected in order for analysis and trends to be identified in support of the organisation’s continuous improvement program

  • The Company Directors are provided with suitable and sufficient information on a monthly and quarterly basis

  • Identifies immediate, underlying and root causes of all incidents and reports data in order to work towards continuous improvement and mitigate the organisations risk utilising the hierarchy of control, common, industry and where required additional expert knowledge

  • Liaise with the regulating authorities e.g. HSA, SEPA, EA etc where required

  • Suppliers and Contractors are assessed as being suitable to carry out work for the organisation

  • The training and competence of employees is maintained to the organisation competency matrix

  • Management of the direct reports of the SHEQ Team ensuring all H&S processes are maintained to best practice

  • Promote the organisations positive health and safety incentives

  • The organisation works to reduce its environmental impact

  • Supports the projects by aiding in the production of project SHEQ plans

  • Supporting the project management team in providing advice and guidance on operational activities

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The SHEQ Manager has the authorities as detailed below to ensure that they are able to fulfil their role and responsibilities;

  • Stop any and all unsafe actions which has the potential to harm an individual or the organisation, whether this be from internal or external influences

  • To implement the disciplinary procedure upon the identification of unsafe acts through the organisation’s management process

  • Make the appropriate changes to the SHEQ Management system in order to support the organisation and its employees

Role Requirements

The SHEQ Manager is required to have a number of qualifications and experience in order for them to be deemed as competent in the job role and must have;

  • A secondary level health and safety management qualification e.g. H&S Diploma

  • Previous experience in managing and maintaining a SHEQ Management system

  • Significant experience in the region of 5 years in health and safety field with a focus on Utilities/ Construction

  • Be CMIOSH or GradIOSH working towards to chartered status

  • Have excellent investigation skills

  • Ability to use digital equipment to produce reports and data to the required interested parties

  • Have excellent communication skills to engage with internal and external interested parties

In order to support the role, it is desired that the SHEQ Manager have some form of formal training and qualification in the below detailed elements to support the SHEQ Managers experience; 

  • A formal qualification in environmental management e.g. IEMA Foundation 

  • A formal qualification in quality / ISO management e.g. Lead Auditor 

  • A formal fire risk management qualification e.g. NEBOSH Fire Security and Risk Management 

  • A formal train the trainer qualification 

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