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On day five of #CIFSafety21 ‘Managing Hazardous Energies’ for Construction Safety week, KTL would like to focus on Safe Dig.

This is critical for KTL network upgrades including 5G, connecting and installing fibre optic cable, installing Chambers, rod and roping, and the installation of new pipe for fibre optics. The work takes place everywhere, from a busy high street to suburban areas and quite countryside lanes.

Statistically, cable strikes occur when excavators, breakers or other tools make contact with power cables. When equipment or machinery is used near underground cables the risk must be considered and controlled in the interests of yourself and everyone else.

To avoid serious incidences please:


• Get the basics right.

• Familiarise yourself with the site.

• Always read and understand the RAMS.

• Use the permit to dig process.

• Check you have the correct utility drawings, and you understand what utilities are in the ground.

• Always assume, that underground cables are live even when damaged.

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