KTL have been accepted onto NIE’s 4-year framework for the provision of construction, refurbishment and restringing of transmission overhead lines.


KTL have completed the Stringing of the Tamnamore – Gort line, part of the T312 Provision of Construction, Refurbishment and Restringing of Transmission Overhead Lines Framework for NIE Networks (Northern Ireland Electricity Networks).

Our team delivered a high quality 110kV new build OHL which comprised of:

  • 42 Pylons (Type L4(M) SF60) – 4m in depth Foundations (5 of which were mini piled), assemble and erect pylons

  • 68 Intermediate H Poles (Height range 16m to 24m)

  • Conductor stringing 15.27km approx. - Stringing incl. wheel out, clamp in and terminate (String conductors (3Ø) with 400mm Zebra ACSR, string 1 No. earthwire with 70mm Horse ACSR and string 1 No. OPGW earthwire with 70mm Horse Equivalent.)


Part of the stringing works involved erecting a Catenary System to facilitate the stringing of new Zebra, Horse and OPGW Conductor over the M1 motorway at Dungannon in Northern Ireland. This involved closing the M1 Motorway at off peak hours from (00:00 – 08:00) on a Sunday morning. KTL had to liaise with the PSNI, NIEN, ESBI and TNI to facilitate the works.

The safety, health, environment and quality systems (SHEQ) implemented by KTL received high praise from the client’s representative, which is testament to the high quality work of the KTL team. The project was successfully completed without any major incidents, on time and within budget.