Environmental Lead

The role of the Environmental Lead is a supporting function to the organisation and its operational outputs. The Environmental Lead reports to the Head of SHEQ. The role of Environmental Lead will be to support the organisation in identifying opportunities to reduce the impact on the environmental and remain legally compliant. Shall support the organisation with the ISO 14001 commitments and management. Shall support project level activities in ensuring they cause no harm to the environment during both the planning and implementation stages. 


Travel to sites in various locations in UK and Ireland will be required.    


The Environmental Lead is responsible for ensuring that:

  • The organisation maintains its legal compliance with environmental obligations

  • The organisation follows and implements controls, in line with the environmental hierarchy of control 

  • Conduct an audit program to monitor the organisations ISO and management system commitments

  • Conduct as part of the audit program field-based auditing to ensure operational excellence with regards to site based environmental management

  • Collate and track environmental emission data in order to identify opportunities for improvement to reduce KTL carbon impact

  • Monitor KTL waste management for legal compliance and opportunities for improvement from management of waste

  • Support projects in operational planning including conducting activities such as low-level environmental studies and tree surveys

  • Support site-based resource or other members of the SHEQ Dept in Toolbox Talk /training 

  • Provide monthly and quarterly environmental performance reports

  • Assist and undertake incident investigations, identifying immediate, underlying and root causes and provide advice on the mitigation actions required 

  • Promote the organisations positive environmental incentives such as, ‘our children our future incentive’.  

  • Support the project management in providing advice and guidance on operational activities

  • Attend client meetings and forums in support of the SHEQ Dept where required

  • Be the specialist PoC for client engagement 

  • Review data, in order to identify trends and advise on how to improve upon the trending data

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The Environmental Lead has the authorities as detailed below to ensure that they are able to fulfil their role and responsibilities;

  • Stop any and all unsafe actions which has the potential to harm an individual or the organisation, whether this be from internal or external influences 

  • Report to the Head of SHEQ and Project Management any identified unsafe acts in order for the appropriate disciplinary and preventative measure be implemented

Role Requirements:

The Environmental Lead is required to have number of qualifications and experiences in order for them to be deemed as competent in the job role and must have;

  • A primary level environmental qualification such as an environmental related degree or diploma

  • Be technically aware of environmental challenges that KTL may experience including management system and operational activities

  • Have the desire to work towards professionally chartered status in the environmental field

  • Have a desire to continual professional development supported by KTL

  • Ability to use digital equipment to produce reports and data for the required interested parties

In order to support the role, it is desired that the Environmental Lead have some form of formal training and qualification in the below detailed elements to support the Environmental Lead experience;

  • A formal qualification in environmental management e.g. IEMA framework qualifications

  • A formal qualification in ISO management e.g. Internal Auditor