Programme Management and Turnkey Rollout

Programme Management

Turnkey Rollout:

Building a reputation for the provision of quality services, delivered on time and on budget, KTL is constantly striving to enhance customer satisfaction through the provision of value added outsourced and turnkey solutions to its Telecoms and Power clients. These are executed by a team of highly trained specialists using state of the art equipment and technology while adopting the highest standards of Health and Safety, Quality and the Environment in their daily routines.

A number of benefits can be derived from KTL'’s outsourcing and turnkey activities as follows:

  • Increased profitability -– KTL'’s outsourcing experience and expertise can deliver cost effective solutions to significantly enhance client profitability.
  • Access to specialist knowledge and experience –- KTL’'s highly qualified personnel provide technical and specialist solutions to all its client’s requirements.
  • Concentration on core business –- Client’s can concentrate on maximising their core business while outsourcing non core activities to external experts.

KTL provide outsourced and full turnkey services in the following areas:

  • Mobile telecom rollout and upgrade
  • Broadband rollout and upgrade
  • Power infrastructure
  • Micro generation


Programme Management:

KTL have a proven track record in managing all areas of telecoms and power projects as well as the tracking and reporting on progress to the client. Efficiency and productivity are extremely important to KTL and we look to reduce management duplication and deliver the most cost-effective management structure for all projects by integrating our management teams with our clients. 

Our management roles on projects on both the telecoms and power/renewables sides includes:

  • Account Manager
  • Senior Program Manager
  • Cluster Project Manager
  • Access Manager
  • Health/Safety Manager and Safety Coordinator
  • Quality and Acceptance Senior Engineer

KTL have developed proven project management processes and support systems on all of our projects to date. The key principles of project management are applied to all of the sites in our delivery programs with the support of specialist systems to enable recording, analysis and reporting in a multi-project environment.

Some of our Value-Added Services include:

  • Warehousing and materials management
  • Programme management
  • DNO power management (for permanent supply connections)
  • Co-located resource at shared access premises to advise on progress updates
  • Technical support including staging and pre-testing of equipment (should this be required)
  • Quality reporting and trend analysis
  • Ability to purchase and procure all materials if required i.e. towers, MMU etc.
  • Own fleet of plant

KTL have invested heavily in adding technical skills to our business. The company has also invested heavily in technology up-skilling of key staff by the construction and equipping of a custom build Technology training centre at several of our office locations. This allows us to train new and existing employees with all client specifications and equipment upgrades in a structured and effective manner.


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